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Meeting Minutes of June 2017

In Attendance: Meredith Short, Sharon Burns, Shirley Scott, Chris Freure, Summer Heinen, Leah Heinen, Evan Gintonis, Andrew Thorne, Jack Whattam, Stephanie Hysert, Avery Ryan, Lauryn Otterman, Helen McGregor

Regrets: Karen Simpson, Janine Kerec, Sydney Willis

  1. Updates

    Thank you to the committee members for their sharing their input to the committee. The questions and ideas provided at the meetings were very helpful to assist students and staff in their transitions to their new school communities.

  2. Questions:


  3. Transition Activities

    Feedback on school shadowing visits was provided by students. Students felt that when they were matched with someone they knew, or someone in the same pathway as them that the visit was the better. Feedback was shared that students at GSS and ELC were friendly. Students shared that they appreciated seeing a “regular” school day, the chance to get to know the building and teachers as well.

    The committee also suggested in the future if there is a high school closure to provide an “open house” opportunity in the evening for students and parents to visit together.

    Some students did not participate in the optional visits due to current year school commitments.

  4. Conclusion:

    Helen McGregor thanked all of the committee members for their participation on the committee. The committee members were encouraged to continue to provide their input and voice as they move into their new school communities.

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