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South Lincoln High School Student Success

Supporting Students Throughout Their High School Years

The focus of Student Success is on designing and implementing innovative programs aimed at helping all students achieve their potential and succeed in secondary school.  This year, South Lincoln is thrilled to be introducing two new student success initiatives.

Student Success Adventure Program:

South Lincoln is thrilled to be offering a new, exciting adventure based program - SSAP.  The program gives students the opportunity for personal growth and change.  It involves learning opportunities that enable them to take positive risks, experience success and work effectively with others in a supportive and caring atmosphere.  The program focuses on setting goals, building trust, meeting challenges, dealing with stress, solving problems, and building on personal strengths in a fun and novel environment.  Unfamiliar activities and locations are used to open students’ minds to the potential for learning and growth.   The multi-phase experiences establish an environment of challenge and mastery, while giving students time to reflect on their accomplishments.  Activities involve high ropes at Canterbury Hills, canoeing on the Grand River, and rock climbing at Rattlesnake Conservation Area. 

Program Facilitator: Mr. Bruce Robinson