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How does the Special Education department work?

All “identified” students who have been identified with a special learning need through an IPRC (Identification, Placement and Review Committee) Meeting are automatically assigned to a SERT (Special Education Resource Teacher). In elementary school, this person is called an LRT (Learning Resource Teacher). Students who are thought of being “at risk” can also be assigned to a SERT if an IEP has been written. [Note: these specific students are not “identified but are monitored].

How are students supported in special education at SLHS?

At SLHS, students are supported by the Special Education department with respect to their timetabled classes. Some students may have learning needs that can not be meet in the regular classroom and require a specialized class or program. These special program placements are discussed at the student’s grade eight IPRC meeting. 

The Special Education Resource Teacher (SERT) works directly with students in the resource room, supports 
 classroom teachers with strategies programming ideas, and resources, monitors the progress of a caseload of both identified and IEP'd students, develops and maintains a student’s IEP (Individual Education Plan) in consultation with the student, his/her parents, and teachers, assists students in becoming better aware of their learning needs and strengths and encouraging them to use compensatory strategies, is a contact for the students’ parents, advocates for the student, conducts an IPRC meeting annually for each individual that is identified, is a member of the In-School Student Success Team (ISSST), accommodates students’ needs in testing situations (tests, exams, provincial assessments/EQAO and encourages the participation of gifted students in enrichment activities. 

"There is nothing more UNEQUAL than the EQUAL treatment of UNEQUALS."

Enrichment Opportunities:

Students who have been assessed by the District School Board of Niagara as having intellectual ability that is in the very superior /superior cognitive range are said to be “gifted”. These students are encouraged to accept academic challenges, develop leadership skills, problem solving, critical thinking skills and make the most of their talents and abilities inside and outside the classroom while at SLHS. Students are encouraged to involve themselves in enrichment activities offered through the subject departments  (examples: Math Contests, English Writing contests, School Reach) .Students are expected to listen to the morning announcements or check the school website for upcoming enrichment opportunities.  GET INVOLVED !!

Students that are interested in helping fellow students may also see the Guidance department for a peer tutor position. This may also add to your volunteer hours.

Department Members: 

Mrs. Kristen Corcoran (Head)  kristen.corcoran@dsbn.org