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Step One: Sources

They key to a great mark is using great sources. Are your sources credible?

 Evaluating Web Page by Berkeley

Collect all your research using the Bibliographic Worksheet. It is recommended one sheet per source. Keep these notes for for creating citations and jot notes.

Step Two: Citing Your Sources

You must cite sources of ideas and information (including images, videos, music & podcasts).  There are many styles, the most popular being MLA, APA. Generally all science courses use APA.  English & history courses use MLA.  ALWAYS check with your teacher to ensure you are using the correct style.


Citation Machine

Step Three: Putting it all together

Organizing your information can be difficult.


Use different colour highlighters to highlight information to support your argument. This helps to organize your thoughts. 

For example: this is research collected by Kira McPherson 

Once all your research is organized, it is time to write your paper. 

Here are examples of an MLA paper and an APA paper. 

This is an example of how to put together a works cited page by Purdue OWL