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Technology education at South Lincoln High School focuses on developing  students'  ability to work creatively and competently learning technological skills that are central to our lives.  The development of technologically literate individuals enhances their opportunity for success in College, Workplace, University as well with Apprenticeships. Learn skills for life at SLHS!

Innovative technology addresses the basic needs of humans and provides the tools and processes required for the exploration of both the known and the unknown in the world.

Students are able to enrol in courses in the following areas: Construction, Design and Technology, and Manufacturing.  SLHS also encourages students to take advantage of our excellent SHSM programs: SHSM-Construction, SHSM-Manufacturing, SHSM-Health & Wellness, or the SHSM-Agriculture.  All four programs offer excellent enrichment opportunities.  Learn more about SHSM programs here.

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DSBN Technology and Experiential Learning
DSBN Technology and Experiential Learning

 District School Board of Niagara.
District School Board of Niagara


Ontario Curriculum in Technology Education:

Ontario Ministry of Education, Technology Curriculum