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Why is English important?

The English Department of South Lincoln is dedicated to fostering a student’s love of language
 and creative expression.  The Grade 9 courses introduce students to a variety of texts from a variety of time periods.  Like any Arts course, the South Lincoln English curriculum facilitates the discovery of our world through creativity, exploring poetry, short fiction, plays and the media.  Because it’s so important to be a critical consumer of the written word in this information age, students are also equipped with tools to help them analyze the arguments of others, and form their own in response. Our department is a strong supporter of literacy and has worked hard to significantly improve our results in provincial testing over the years through both the organization of the courses and other offerings as well.  R & R, for example, is an opportunity for students to sit down with a book or newspaper and read for the fun of it every Friday for twenty minutes. Through the library, an afterhours book club meets for warm cookies and good conversation.

Critical Areas of Learning

 Successful Language Learners:

  • Understand that language learning is a necessary, life-enhancing, reflective process

  • Communicate – read, listen, view, speak, write, and represent – effectively and with confidence

  • Make meaningful connections between themselves, what they encounter in texts, and the world around them

  • Think critically

  • Understand that all texts advance a particular point of view that must be recognized, questioned, assessed, and evaluated

  • Appreciate the cultural impact and aesthetic power of texts

  • Use language to interact and connect with individuals and communities, for personal growth, and for active participation as world citizens

Courses Offered:

Media Studies
Writer's Craft
After School Literacy Program