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Why take Cooperative Education? 

  • Earn credits toward your diploma.
  • Complete valuable training in Workplace Safety and Accident Prevention.
  • Gain valuable work experience.
  • Gain experience to help you make wise career choices.
  • Receive continuous on-the-job training.
  • Learn to market your skills effectively in the world of employment.
  • Gain part-time employment.
  • Step into apprenticeable trades through OYAP.

Courses Offered:
Single credit coop
Double credit coop
Full day coop
Peer tutoring

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Co-op Students Working Over Holidays

For more information about co-operative work studies curriculum, follow this link:

OYAP--The Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program 

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Critical Areas of Learning

  • Skills - Co-op Education prepares students for the workplace of the future and educates students on how to make informed career decisions.

  • Training - Co-op Education provides training in Workplace Safety and Accident Prevention (including WHMIS) which prepares students for their work placement as well as future employment opportunities.

  • Communication - Co-op Education trains students to effectively market themselves ... from building effective resumes, to interview skills, students learn how to communicate and prove their strengths to employers.

  • School to work transition - Co-op Education provides students the chance to apply their education to real-world challenges, experiences and opportunities. In doing so students get to explore careers, build their resume, establish connections in the workplace and earn credits towards graduation.

  • Ethics - The understanding of the social and environmental consequences through experience and classroom learning.