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Why is the Business Studies curriculum important to post secondary education?

  • Competent use of computers is necessary across the job market. Above average computer skills are both rare and highly marketable.
  • The business curriculum provides skills transferable to any activity or job. Among these are computers, presentations, budgeting, planning, voting, investing, applying for a loan, managing resources, people, inventory... the list is endless!
  • Business curriculum provides students opportunities to apply their education to real-world challenges, experiences and opportunities.

Critical Areas of Learning in Business

  • Skills: the knowledge and skills necessary for success in business.
  • Communication: use of appropriate terminology, using established formats, utilizing current technologies.
  • Digital Literacy: use of digital technology, networks and communication tools to understand, manage, evaluate and create information.
  • Financial Literacy: the ability to read, analyse, manage, and communicate financial information.
  • Ethics: the understanding of the social and environmental consequences.



  • Introduction to Technology
  • Introduction to Business
  • Financial Accounting
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Marketing


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