905-957-3359 260 Canborough Street, Box 250 Smithville, ON L0R 2A0
South Lincoln's staff for 2016 ~ 2017:

Administration Team:
Sharon Burns, Principal
Chris Freure, Vice Principal

Teaching Staff:
Greg Aloian, English
Tom Bernardi, Phys Ed and Technology
Pamela Chun, Mathematics
Kristen Corcoran, Special Education
Michael Doyle, Technology
Teri Green, Mathematics and Science
Karen Heeringa, Phys Ed
Annie Mercier-Beaudoin, Guidance and French
Jim Predovich, Geography, Civics and Careers
Sallie Putzman, Mathematics
Marissa Ridley, Science
Bruce Robinson, History and English
Christina Schappert, Science
Meredith Short, Drama and English
Zack Silverthorne, Food and Nutrition, Visual Art and Student Success
Shannon Smith, Science
Carrie Thwaites, Co-Op and Experiential Learning

Support Staff:
Jackie Cosby, Secretary - Administration and Attendance
Rose Pols, Secretary - Guidance and Attendance
Nicole Whitehead, Librarian
Joanne McPherson, Caretaker
Joanne Silverthorne, Cafeteria