905-957-3359 260 Canborough Street, Box 250 Smithville, ON L0R 2A0

Smithville’s original high school was housed in the oldest part of what is now College Street Public School.

In 1954, South Lincoln High School moved to its current site on Canborough Street.   The original building at this location consisted of the hallway from the current library to the foods room.  Renovations in 1963 added a new gymnasium and several more classrooms.  The next set of renovations in 1971, added more classrooms, the main office and a library.  The largest and final set of renovations in 1999 brought the building to its current state.  During these renovations, the gymnasium was changed to our cafeteria; the hallway by the office was joined with the Art/Tech hallway closing in the courtyard; and our current gymnasium, library and science hallway were all added.  As the 1999 renovations were completed, the time capsule by the main entrance was buried.  It will be unearthed in 2049.

The majority of students are bused to South Lincoln High School from a number of rural communities.  Our current population is approximately 350 students.